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  Wild Life Sanctuaries and National Park  


Ranipuram Wildlife sanctaury :

  Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary / National park of Kanhangad forest range consists of various flora and fauna which are endemic to the Western Ghats and a yet to studied biodiversity hotspot. It merges with the Talacauvery wildlife sanctuary. Ranipuram hill station which falls in Panathady reserve forest is an ideal area to notify as a wild life sanctuary/National park. Shola forest seen only here in this district. Elephants, leopards, deer, wild dogs, wild boars, macaques, jungle cats, Leopard cats slender loris, porcupines, malabar giant squirrels, malabar civet cat, many species of birds, rare butterflies and medicinal plants are found in these forest.

 The proposed Munnamkadavu Dam may very useful to create a fresh water and wetland ecosystem and sanctuary for wild crocodile, otter, endangered fish and water birds. Afforestation around the catchment area of dam reservoir will help to create another new wildlife sanctuary here in future and recreate lost wild elephant corridor.

 Kammadam sacred grove wildlife sanctuary :

 Kammadam kavu, related with Bhagavathi temple, is the biggest sacred grove of Kerala and rich in wildlife, evergreen forest, orchids, medicinal plants and shrubs. Wild animals like Jungle cat, monitor lizard, civets, fox, bats, snakes, various species of birds and butterflies seen. It is 25 km east of Kanhangad town.

  Malom Wildlife Sanctuary :

 Malom reserve forest of Kanhangad range consists of Tropical rainforest and many wild animals like as rhesus monkey, wild pig, flying squirrels, slender loris, porcupine, and birds like peacock, Malabar hornbill and grey horn bill are seen. Snakes like cobras, python and king cobras reported. It is 28 km away east of Kanhangad in Balal-Kallar panchayath.

 Adoor wildlife sanctuary :

 A Fragmented, Adoor reserve forest which spreads about 2  km2 in Kasargod district is the home for endangered animals like jungle cat, slender loris, wild pig, porcupine, turtles, peacock, Malabar horn bill, butterflies, medicinal plants and wet evergreen forest. Illicit tree felling, hunting, encroachment are main threats for this sanctuary. It is about 35 km east of Kasargod town in Adoor-Kuttikol panchayath.

 Parappa wildlife sanctuary :

 A fragmented RF, Parappa reserve forest of Kanhangad range are home for jungle cats, slender loris, wild pig, porcupine, turtles, peacock, Malabar horn bill, butterflies, medicinal plants and wet evergreen forest. Illicit tree felling, hunting, encroachment are main threats for this sanctuary. It is about 22 km East of Chervathur town.

 Kareem's Forest park :

 India's first private sanctuary which spreads across 32 acres and rich in diverse species of trees, medicinal plants, birds, insets, reptiles, amphibians, small wild animals, microorganisms and so on. People from different walks of life environmentalists, scientists, University and Ayurveda students, and laymen, all over the country visit his forest park for practical experience and study purpose. He is also multiplying and distributing the seeds and saplings of forest trees and medicinal plants and help our mother earth and help the nation to convert waste lands in to thick forests by replicating his efforts without involving additional coasts.

The park is situated at Puliyamkulam, near Parappa. It is 23 km away east of kanhangad town. Frequent bus service available.

 Thalangara Children's Park :

Located 4 km from Kasargod Town, Thalangara West, is located right next to the Fishing Harbour. Many water birds, spotted snakes, foxes also reported.

 Bangod Bay Park :

  Located 5 km away from kasargod town,a buitiful park near to a mosque and madeena manzil, it is the best place for children's to enjoy and have fun in watergames etc.. this has a very wondurful garden with lovely flowers and many more funs...





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